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having access to current, high-resolution aerial photos enables Hansen to prepare for and optimise the value of the visit. This research not only avoids the pressure of arriving onsite and having to absorb a whole mass of information all at once, it also provides insights that wouldn’t otherwise be available.
— Steve Schutt, Landscape Architect and Company Director. Hansen Partnership
We rely on Nearmap to supply on-the-ground information, which, because it’s up-to-date—not like the up to five years old images for regional areas that we used to use enables us to cut down on site visits, and save a lot of time on the visits we do make.
— Phil Southby, Senior Drafting Officer, Powercor Australia
Nearmap has taken our business to a whole new level, professionally, by providing a product superior to anything on the market, and gaining us a clear competitive edge. With Nearmap, we have improved operational efficiency, minimised the need to carry out costly, time-consuming site visits, and significantly increased customer satisfaction.
— Richard Sheppard Managing Director, National Height Safety and Access Solutions
Yarra Valley Water 

Yarra Valley Water 

Nearmap gives us fast, easy access to
detailed current and historic visual
information that enables us to resolve
billing disputes and damage claims in
minutes, increasing customer satisfaction.
— Alberto Vela, manager of Yarra Valley Water’s Contract and Procurement.
Prior to Nearmap, I would have had to drive out to the site, spend an hour or more out there and drive back to my office. That’s half of my day wasted,
— Oliver Roborgh, Development Manager, ‘The Hermitage’