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Founded in 1979, Tasty Trucks is a mobile cafe for workplaces. Delivering to almost 6000 locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Tasty Trucks’ fleet of 137 vehicles provide a wide range of savories and sweets such as pies, pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, cakes and drinks. The company targets predominantly blue collar workers, most often, located in industrial areas and on construction sites, as well as suburban office blocks.

Tasty Trucks prides itself on providing a superior experience to its customers, part of which is offering quick service - all food is pre-made so there is no wait time once an order is made - as well as a personal experience. A large portion of Tasty Trucks clientele are repeat customers so to ensure personalised client services is always delivered, the Sales Managers for each route remain consistent, knowing most customers by name.

The sales team constantly assess all of the 137 Tasty Truck routes to identify gaps as well as potential new areas to target. Traditionally this was done by sending out at least two managers to different areas to make assessments. The company would also use Google Maps to identify potential new areas. However, as more businesses continued to move away from the city and into new industrial areas, these satellite images soon became outdated. New developments would not appear on Google Maps, making them unusable for tracking new hot spots for Tasty Trucks to target.

As the company looked to grow, it knew it could no longer rely on Google Maps to identify new business opportunities, especially in developing areas. It also wanted to reduce the workload for its already busy team and knew that sending managers to view potential locations, was time consuming and inefficient. That’s when Tasty Trucks turned to nearmap.

Helping Tasty Trucks identify new hot spots

Residential Development 

Residential Development 

Leveraging nearmap’s high resolution, up to date aerial imagery and timeline function, Tasty Trucks was able to gain insights into potential new areas to expand the business and assess its existing routes for a more targeted business strategy. nearmap became a critical tool for the company’s expansion into Sydney, providing better insight into specific locations and freeing time for managers to focus on growing the business.

Perth Stadium Construction

Perth Stadium Construction

“Every few weeks, we’d send two managers out to drive around for a day and look for new sites Tasty Trucks could add to its routes. With such a small team and new development areas popping up further away from our central hub, it became increasingly time consuming, expensive and not viable or a scalable solution in the long run,” commented Doug Newnham, IT Manager at Tasty Trucks.
“We tried using Google Maps but the images were not updated regularly enough to provide the same accurate information as a physical site visit. Areas with new developments would often still appear as empty farm or bush land on Google Maps,” said Newnham.


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