Based in Sydney, and with offices in Melbourne and Queensland, National Height Safety and Access Solutions Pty Ltd (NHSS) specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and certification of height-safety and fall-prevention systems, for all applications. It works with major clients, including Lend Lease, Westfield, Australand, Meriton and Mirvac, to examine buildings, assess where risks occur, and then design systems to mitigate those risks. With the inclusion of height-safety systems now a major OH&S priority for both workers and property owners throughout Australia, NHSS has risen to pre-eminence as a site safety, installation, consulting and training services provider.

The Australia-wide scope of its enterprise saw NHSS delivering risk assessment and height-safety solutions to an expanding customer base across major metropolitan and regional centres. To do this efficiently required a mapping technology that could provide higher resolution and more up-to-date images than  the fuzzy satellite photos of its previous provider, Google Earth.

Such a resource would radically reduce the number of costly and time-consuming, potential site vists, and enable it to quickly deliver accurate risk assessments. It would also help to improve work safety for NHSS’s operational teams by providing clear visual insight into site conditions, enabling them to better prepare for on-site hazards. Access to quality aerial photographs would also enhance the professionalism of its reports, presentations   and tender documents, and promote significant competitive advantage.

nearmap provided NHSS with an all-in-one aerial photographic and geo-spatial information service that greatly enhanced its business efficiency and ensured powerful competitive advantage. With high-resolution PhotoMaps™ imagery, it minimised the need for costly, time-consuming site visits, streamlined operational planning, and reduced the risk associated with high-rise building maintenance. In addition, the finish of NHSS’s reports, presentations and tender documents reached new heights of professionalism, and customer satisfaction increased markedly.

nearmap has taken our business to a whole new level, professionally, by providing a product superior to anything on the market, and gaining us a clear competitive edge. With nearmap, we have improved operational efficiencies, minimised the need to carry out costly, time- consuming site visits, and significantly increased customer satisfaction.
— Richard Sheppard Managing Director, National Height Safety and Access Solutions