In addition to our regular coverage of over 85% of Australia's population, we also offer the ability to capture your area of interest on-demand and at the same high resolution that nearmap is famous for.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose nearmap Now over the competition

nearmap High Resolution imagery

Our technology allows us to capture your chosen area at industry-leading resolutions of 7-10cm. This is up to 25% better than most other aerial imagery suppliers.

Unprecedented speed of processing and delivery

Bespoke surveys from other suppliers can take weeks to process after capture. nearmap's patented processing technology delivers your geo-rectified imagery within days, not weeks.

Corridor or Area capture capability

Corridor surveys for planning or monitoring rail, road or utilities or large area surveys for mining, vegetation monitoring and construction can be undertaken quickly and more cost-effectively than most other solutions.

Choose how you'd like to receive your data

View your imagery through our powerful browser-based MapBrowser platform or delivered to you on a hard-drive for viewing with your own GIS application.

nearmap quality and power

The MapBrowser platform is a powerful browser-based platform designed to host and analyse your imagery. The powerful tools include Path, Area and Radius measurements, detailed location information and the ability to plan projects with realistic real-world objects. Find out more at

import into your preferred GIS application

import into your preferred GIS application


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