About the CER

Established in April 2012, the Clean Energy Regulator is the Government body responsible for administering legislation that will reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of clean energy. One of the schemes the Clean Energy Regulator administers is the Renewable Energy Target.

The Challenge

The Clean Energy Regulator receives thousands of small-scale technology certificate applications every week, and to approve each application, the Clean Energy Regulator needs to confirm that eligibility requirements have been met.

Before nearmap were engaged by the Clean Energy Regulator, assessing and approving small-scale technology certificate (STC) applications was manual and time consuming process. This process included calling households and businesses to confirm the systems exist and personally inspecting properties.

At its peak, the Clean Energy Regulator received up to twenty thousand small-scale technology certificate applications a week. The team responsible for approving these applications, the Validation Team, knew the existing method of assessing applications was not working, and the situation about to reach crisis point.

Why nearmap

The Clean Energy Regulator began using nearmap which gave them ability to have a virtual eye above ground at all times - giving them the ability to remotely perform validation checks on roofs for the first time. This allowed the Clean Energy Regulator to approve certificates faster, more accurately and more cost effectively. Using high-resolution nearmap PhotoMaps™ imagery eliminated the need for costly, time-consuming site visits, and reduced the number of calls to homeowners and businesses.

Creators of these certificates are required (by law) to maintain and provide, upon request, certain pieces of documentation as evidence of their installation. In saying that, the paperwork doesn’t physically show you what is on the roof, or if there is an installation at all.
— Jessica Feeney, Team Leader, Validation Team at CER