Roth Plumbing talks about how nearmap's aerial imagery has increased their business efficiency and accuracy


Established in 1998, Roth Plumbing specialises in plumbing and roofing for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Central Queensland.

The team at Roth Plumbing are skilled to perform all levels of plumbing and roofing work, from leaking taps and civil projects to the smallest roof leak repair and commercial, industrial and mine site roofing and cladding installations.

Roth Plumbing has completed projects for construction, engineering, building solution, resources, and mining companies including Hutchinson Builders, IDEC, John Holland, BHP Billiton, Bluescope Steel, Pantex Pty Ltd and many more.

Before starting work on a property, the estimation team at Roth Plumbing would deliver a detailed report and quote for each potential client. To provide accurate assessments, Roth Plumbing would need to send at least two staff members to a property, located anywhere between a five minute to two hour drive from the office. Workers would be required to climb ladders to assess, take photos and measure each job. The process to provide one quote could take the team anywhere up to two hours in travel time and two hours to inspect and measure on-site.

When Cyclone Marcia, a category 5 severe tropical cyclone, reached Central Queensland on 20 February 2015, it caused devastating residential and commercial damage across Shoalwater Bay, Yeppoon and Rockhampton.

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As one of the local plumbing and roofing companies, Roth Plumbing began to receive a huge influx of job requests for land and road clearing for local councils. Workers were highly sought after to rebuild roofs and gutters for residential and commercial properties, and clear trees and fences across affected areas in Central Queensland.

cuts out the need to visit a site to offer a quote

Roth Plumbing, a team of seven on-site workers and three business managers, needed two on-site workers visiting a property at any given time to collect the appropriate information for a detailed job quote.

“From a workplace and safety point of view we would send two staff members out to a property which could be up to a two hour drive away. The pair would lug safety equipment, harnesses, ladders, climb up on roofs and spend approximately two hours, depending on the size of the roof, taking measurements and photos. The estimation team would then collect all the information, work out the logistics of the job and send it off to the client with full pricing,” said Shane Yore, Operations Manager at Roth Plumbing.

Quoting jobs, by sending two staff members to the location, climb ladders, take measurements and personally inspect properties, was incredibly time consuming and expensive. Roth Plumbing was only able to complete a maximum of three inspections and quotes per day. “With two workers out at any given time, we only had adequate resources to quote about two to three inspections per day. The logistics of physically inspecting every site meant we had huge costs to wear,” commented Yore.

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Improve site compliance and enforcement with high-resolution aerial photography

Improve site compliance and enforcement with high-resolution aerial photography

The growth in population and resulting urban development have increased the difficulties faced by local government authorities (LGAs) in personally inspecting and updating site information for each property in their remit. 

This white paper explains how up-to-date high-resolution aerial photography has transformed the way LGAs ensure site compliance and enforcement.

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nearmap non-commercial products

At nearmap, we are focussed on delivering our high frequency, high resolution aerial imagery, data and tools to the business market with the objective of helping them save time and money by being able to do more from their desktop and save physical site visits. 

With the range of free options that can satisfy most personal requirements from the likes of Bing, Google, Apple and others, we have decided to discontinue offering our Personal, non-commercial products. We also believe that our business product subscriptions provide significant value to anyone who wants to save time and money by seeing what is on the ground now, in great detail, and how it has changed over time.

We will continue to concentrate our efforts on delivering our business customers the highest quality, most frequently updated visual analytics products in the market.