Discover Untold Stories with Historical Imagery

Remember how exciting it was to find old photos of your house or business somewhere in a box long forgotten, and then pull out your most recent photos to compare them? The old photos since forgotten memories and details that come flooding back in an instant, not to mention how different everything looked.

Whilst viewing historical imagery of site locations doesn’t exactly have the same emotional reaction as seeing older personal photos, it does nevertheless have an immediate impact—sometimes a huge impact.

Elizabeth Quay Perth WA 2010 - 2016

When you’re conducting business development, retail planning, property assessment, or tracking a construction project, seeing historical aerial imagery of your site location over time reveals a story you never could have seen from the ground.

The ability to view a location’s history and changes over time to the present day lets you see the lifecycle of the space and make connections between the location and the surrounding area. You’ll see things like seasonal changes, population growth, building developments, and environmental changes either natural or due to hazardous events. The detailed insights you discover not only prove to be fascinating, but also give you a powerful tool for accurately monitoring your projects and strengthening your business decisions. 

 Clyde Suburb Expansion

Clyde Suburb Expansion

 Rouse Hill Station Construction

Rouse Hill Station Construction

The below example also reveals the value of seeing an area after a natural hazardous event. 

Cyclone Marcia Damage, QLD

nearmap provides stunningly detailed aerial photos that give you clear historical views and the changes that have occurred over time. The Timeline feature lets you choose specific dates to see what the site location looked like at that time. The SplitView feature lets you compare the photos side-by-side, further enhancing the impact of how locations can dramatically change over time or after an event. 

But don’t just take our word for it. You’ve seen some examples here of what we do—now it’s your turn to try nearmap and look at your own locations to see what you discover. We think you’ll get hooked on watching the stories unfold right before your eyes.