Whitepaper: The Benefits of using aerial imagery in Government communication


Australia is one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world. According to the Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) population clock the number of people in Australia has reached 24 million and most of the recent population growth has occurred in the cities. This urban shift in the last decade made Australia’s major cities home to almost 80 per cent of the Australian population. Consequently, metropolises like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are confronted with significant long-term challenges, including population growth, demographic changes and the accelerating process of globalisation.

The Australian Government is committed to responding to these challenges effectively through investments in infrastructure such as public transportation, environmental protection, and social infrastructure - including affordable housing and seniors facilities, that will provide long-term economic benefits. Urban planning is a high priority for all three levels of Government - federal, state and local.

 Westconnex Project, Sydney 2016

Westconnex Project, Sydney 2016

Integrating planning systems, infrastructure delivery and management are becoming a priority in order to keep cities productive, sustainable and liveable. However, addressing these issues may have a strong impact on the community which in some cases can result in a residents’ negative attitude towards change.

Communication to the public is vital to the success of major infrastructure projects that involve disruptive construction and require stakeholder support. Increase in communication efficiency can be achieved through various methods, but the end goal is to enable people to get a visual feel of the project and “see” the bigger picture.

The power of visualisation

The more government-owned projects impact peoples' business and everyday life, the more they want to influence the decision on whether the proposed project gets the green light or not. However, infrastructure projects can be very complex and hard to grasp. It can be difficult for some people to visualise them just by looking at engineering drawings, maps, etc.

Visualisation can improve situational awareness and reduces speculative ideas and false perceptions. It is the most effective strategy for establishing and maintaining necessary common ground. Powerful imagery is a key component of effective communication. High-resolution aerial imagery can help government body representatives to communicate the benefits of urban infrastructure projects in various ways. A bird’s eye view of a location can help all stakeholders subscribe to a new point of view.

 Camden Development 2016

Camden Development 2016

Learn how effective communication is all about timing, the importance of keeping the community informed about project progression and the unique value of high resolution imagery by downloading our full whitepaper on the benefits of using aerial imagery in Government communication.