Interesting insights you might miss if you’re on the ground

When you’re conducting business development or retail planning, since it’s all about location, you’d think that having your feet on the ground at the potential site is the most logical way to assess the area and gather important insights. You might want to think again.

Yes, it’s important to see what’s on the ground now, to get a feel for the geographical location and see the surrounding businesses and properties. But, it’s also very time consuming and costly to trek around a city or the countryside looking for that perfect location.

So, let’s back up for a moment and ask a few questions.

  • First, where and how do you start looking for the right location for your business or retail outlet?
  • Second, how do you discover population trends, land changes, environmental effects, property values, and building compliances without spending enormous research time?
  • And third, how do you find the nearest coffee house that serves your favourite blend?

Okay, the last question is a little silly, but is it? It could be an example of missing an insight if you’re on the ground because you don’t have a wide and focused view, with accompanying location content, that you get with high-resolution aerial imagery, especially ours. And that’s because we do a few things that have never been done before in Australia:

 ANZ STADIUM, olympic Park, 2016

ANZ STADIUM, olympic Park, 2016

  • We conduct regular fly-overs, up to six times per year, so our imagery is up-to-date. Did you know that other providers only update once a year, or even once every 2 or 3 years if budgets are restricted?
  • Our PhotoMaps™ technology is unique. The clarity and precision of detail far exceeds satellite images or other maps providers. Take a look at at this stunning image of a boat mored in WA.
  • We can process the images and deliver them within a few days via cloud-based services with instant access on your desktop and mobile device. Other providers typically take months to process.

So, we think you’ll be surprised at how many insights appear when you access our stunningly clear and detailed bird’s eye view. From your office, you can view large areas of the country or a specific city, and then zoom in for a closer look at the details. Some interesting insights could be that the land you want to develop is already developed, or it has been hit with an event such as flooding or bushfire, or it has been declared a nature preserve in the last few months.

Following is a before and after view of some of Yarloop WA bushfire devastation this year in Australia.

In addition, with nearmap's location content you might discover that the site you want to invest in already has a competing outlet, or the location is inappropriate for your product (if you’re a tractor supplier you don’t want to investigate an outlet area that caters to high-end fashion). You’ll also have access to ownership information, tax maps, building criteria such as lot size, property type, and last sold date.

It’s an entirely different world when you view it from on high with stunning images and incredible detail. And the insights you uncover before and during your investigations could mean the difference between success and failure for your location-based business.

Discover nearmap and the powerful insights you get when you view what’s on the ground now before you leave your office by downloading our white paper on identifying new location-based opportunities. And when you do go out to visit that perfect site you’ve located, you can take all your discoveries and insights with you on your mobile device, and continue discovering while you’re sipping that coffee.