Whitepaper: Remote Monitoring and Validating

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When you’re in the business of monitoring and validating multiple projects, you need to know the precise status of a project’s progress, quality, and accuracy at anytime from anywhere. Whatever your industry or wherever your project is located, you need an efficient way to monitor and validate information from a myriad of vendors and third-party sources to ensure that the project adheres to schedules, industry-specific guidelines, government regulations, and environmental or health agencies. The ability to detect any problems or delays quickly is essential for keeping your project on track.

On-site visits are time consuming and costly, and in some cases - large construction sites or areas of rough terrain - there is an added security risk for personnel. Further hindering on-site visits are more frequent government budget limitations.

On-site visits also don’t provide a clear overview of changes that have taken place over time.

The solution to these challenges is to obtain high quality visuals, both current and historical, that are easily integrated into your workflow with embedded spatial data information. Aerial imagery and spatial data combine high-resolution photographs, geospatial data, and metadata - all of which can be delivered via cloud-based services with instantaneous access on your desktop or mobile device - allowing you to monitor and validate your projects remotely. Not having to travel to multiple sites dramatically increases productivity and saves significant time and cost.

 Perth Stadium 2016

Perth Stadium 2016

To learn how to make accurate project monitoring and validation decisions, remotely, download this full white paper.