Queensland's Pool safety compliance deadline looms

The new Pool Safety standard was introduced in 2010 with householders given a five year grace period to have pools up to standard. The laws apply to all pools including motels, hotels, and private homesmeet State Government safety standards by November 30, or face penalties of up to $18,000.

The State Government plans to crackdown after December 1 on pool fencing and safety, with the possibility of random checks in suburbs throughout the state. A full list of pool safety requirements can be found at the Queensland Government's Department of Housing and Public Works.

While this provides an opportunity for businesses like yours to help homeowners get compliant, how do you find which homes in your area need your services?

nearmap assists Queensland businesses small and large find and get work done faster by providing cost-effective aerial imagery online. With a resolution that's up to 6 times what you'll get from Google Earth, nearmap can help you identify target properties and prepare quotes quickly and without having to go on site.

This means you can remotely assess dozens of properties in the time it takes you to drive out to one.

From the comfort of your desk, access nearmap's up-to-date imagery to:

* Analyse your target area and identify new customers
* Remotely survey the pool and surrounds for compliance with the safety requirements
* Accurately measure distances between fences, pools and climbable objects
* Inspect fences for breaks or non-compliance

Get in touch for a demo today and we'll show you how you can make your job easier and save on site visit costs.