Improve site compliance and enforcement with high-resolution aerial photography


Creating and maintaining healthy and sustainable environments for communities is a core function of local, state and federal government authorities.

The population increase and urban sprawl over the last few years is resulting in being no longer possible to personally inspect and update site information for every property in an authority’s remit. Logically, costs of site visits and monitoring have increased substantially.

Remote monitoring is becoming a necessary practise, but constraints in technology have limited its ability to assist. Satellites do not produce precise enough imagery to become a solution the authorities would rely upon. Aerial photography has been producing high quality and precise photographs since the 1930s, according to research from Oxford University’s BioScience journal, but conventional methods for conducting aerial photographic surveys were too costly and time-consuming to be updated frequently.

The evolution of site assessments and analysis

Recent technological advancements in high-resolution aerial photography, data capture and visual analytics are revolutionising this space. nearmap is the forefront of these changes, constantly developing (or inventing) new cost-effective solutions for publishing online frequently updated high-resolution aerial imagery.

Download our whitepaper and discover how local government authorities have overcome this challenge by leveraging the power of high-resolution aerial imagery.