The MapBrowser

Introduction to the MapBrowser interface

Introducing the nearmap MapBrowser, our web-based platform designed to you help you quickly navigate our current and past high-resolution aerial imagery.

Get an overview of the different map modes, the Timeline, measurement tools, nearmap Solar, Site Planner and Layers Manager, location function and other powerful features.

Standard Tools

1. Measurement Tools

Learn how to use the powerful measurement tools to assess a site remotely and save the time and cost of a site visit.

Find out how to work with the following tools:

  • Line
  • Path
  • Area
  • Circle

Also find out how to generate an elevation profile with each tool.

2. Save Images

Learn how to get the most out of the nearmap Save PhotoMaps image tool. Save a high resolution image of the whole screen or of a region you choose.

You can also generate a JGW georeference file for importing into your preferred GIS application.

3. Location Tool

Find out how the location tool delivers you detailed information about your site of interest. This video covers features such as:

  • Latitude & longitude
  • Photo Timestamp - the exact time and date the image was captured
  • Naming and Sharing a location

Advanced Features

4. Site Planner & Layers Manager

Learn how the Site Planner and Layers Manager tools help you plan a worksite. Select from a library of real-world objects to plan a site. Add annotations and markups and save these into Layers to be used later.

The Layers Manager lets you organise your site plans into manageable layers. This is where you can import your own KML data.

5. nearmap Solar Tool

This video will show you how to use the nearmap Solar tool to plan and visualise a solar energy installation. Designed for Solar industry professionals, find out how to generate location-aware energy output & savings calculations. You can also generate a comprehensive, customer-ready solar report.

nearmap Solar is only available on selected nearmap subscriptions.

Find out more about nearmap Solar.